Creating Real-Time Destruction Effects Using Unreal Engine | Level-Up: Episode 5

Learn how to create devastating real-time destruction effects in Unreal Engine.

Creating Real-Time Destruction Effects Using Unreal Engine | Level-Up: Episode 5

Become The Wrecking Ball

Welcome to Episode 5 of Level-Up, the tutorial series which arms you with the tricks and tips you need to take your real-time VFX skills up a gear. In today’s VFX guide, you’ll be learning how to craft destruction effects, taking a hammer to your assets.  

Your guide is Jason Johnston, one of our VFX Directors here at Beyond-FX. He’ll be using Quixel Bridge in Unreal Engine and Houdini to walk you through the stages of crafting this destruction effect from start to finish. You will therefore need a working foundation in these programs before leaping into this next lesson! 

The Step-By-Step

The tutorial has been organized into the vital stages that’ll bring your effect to life. They include: 

  • Open Quixel Bridge in Unreal Engine
  • Exporting to Houdini 
  • Adjusting Topology
  • Placing Material Fracture 
  • Creating UVs for the Internal Faces 
  • Creating Internal/External Material Slots 
  • Making the Object Fall 
  • Adjusting Collision Bounce 
  • Creating Constraint Properties 
  • Exporting Back to Unreal Engine 
  • Make Sure Animations Are Importing 
  • Update Materials 
  • Changing Skeletal Balance

The explainer video contains time stamps to all of these sections, making it easy for you to navigate the tutorial’s timeline and give additional focus to specific areas. 

Help Is At Hand

As always, Beyond-FX is here to lend a helping hand. Our team is dedicated to supporting the community and so you can reach out and ask for additional tips, advice and clarification in the comments section. Don’t forget to help your peers and share your experiences. You might have made a breakthrough that can be gifted to others. 

Show us your destructive real-time VFX on social media and tell us how this episode helped you to level-up your builds. 

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