Creating A Zelda Inspired Explosion Effect In Unreal Engine | Level-Up: Episode 2

Learn how to use Unreal Engine to create an effect that leaves an explosive impression.

Creating A Zelda Inspired Explosion Effect In Unreal Engine | Level-Up: Episode 2

Ignite Your Fire With Level-Up Episode 2 

Explosions are a critical part of real-time VFX in video games and help to elevate an action sequence or add further points of conflict to gameplay. There are so many methods to explore when creating those impactful effects but Nathan Huang, one of our Senior II VFX Artists, has his own tips and tricks to share with you. 

Today on Level-Up Nathan will be breaking down his process for creating a stylized explosion effect in Unreal, inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

The Step-By-Step

Nathan approached the challenge in a methodical way and our episode breaks down each step of the process for you to digest at home. The video is time-stamped and covers the following topics: 

  • Getting To Know The Niagara System 
  • The Flare
  • Streaks
  • Point Light
  • Smoke
  • Embers
  • Shock Rings
  • Ground Rings
  • Debris
  • Trails
  • Ember Trails

Each component is critical for creating a well-formed effect that looks great in action and can be applied to your many game builds. Experiment with the skills you gain from Level-Up and find new ways to craft your vision. This is just one way to achieve a Zelda influenced explosion, but you may have other inspirations in mind when you’re developing your style. 

Need Some Help? 

Don’t worry, there’s a lot to learn and you might find that you have to watch the video a couple of times before you get to grips with the basics. If you need any help, feel free to reach out in the comments sections with any questions or concerns. We’ll offer our assistance, and don’t forget that our talented community is always there to share their knowledge.

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