Creating An Elden Ring Inspired Beam Effect In Unreal Engine | Level-Up: Episode 1

Learn how to use Unreal Engine to craft beam effects that make an impact.

Creating An Elden Ring Inspired Beam Effect In Unreal Engine | Level-Up: Episode 1

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Welcome to Episode 1 of our new video series, Level-Up. We’ll be giving you the tools you need to take yourreal-time VFX game to the next level. This tutorial will walk you through a way to craft an Elden Ring style beam effect, using Niagara and Unreal Engine. 

One of our resident VFX Artists, Ben Christensen presents all the crucial steps you’ll need to try this for yourself. While you’ll need a working knowledge of Niagara before you begin, Ben provides ample information on how to use those pre-existing skills to your advantage. 

The Step-By-Step

Our video is organized into a few key chapters including:

  • Magic Charge Particles
  • Refraction Sphere 
  • The Beam Core 
  • Magic Wisps 
  • The Beam 
  • Additional Swirling Beams, 
  • Final Effect

You’ll find time codes across the video to revisit those areas you might need more help with, but feel free to use this as a base to experiment from. Remember, these are the core traits of this particular Elden Ring style of effect but the lessons can be applied to a variety of other beam effects, regardless of the inspiration. 

Do You Have Questions? 

Don’t worry, we know you might come across some bumps on your road, but we’re here to help. Send us your questions and concerns in the comments section and we’ll respond. Make sure to interact with our community and share your knowledge to help fellow artists along the way. 

What are you waiting for? Jump into Unreal and create a beam effect that’s sure to stack those damage points. We want to see what you create, so make sure to send us your beam effects on social media and tell us how you leveled-up, using this tutorial. 

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