Creating Diablo Inspired Hell Bats Using Unity | Level-Up: Episode 4

Learn how to create terrifying hell bats using Unity & EmberGen.

Creating Diablo Inspired Hell Bats Using Unity | Level-Up: Episode 4

Like A Bat Out Of Hell 

Welcome to Episode 4 of Level-Up. In today’s VFX guide we’ll be walking you through how to create a hell bat. You’ll need both Unity and EmberGen to create this effect and while it's important to have a working knowledge of those interfaces, we’ll boost your understanding of both by the end of the video. 

Your guide on this exciting quest is Jessica Sparrowhawk, one of our Senior VFX Artists here at Beyond-FX. She’ll be using her notable experience to guide you through this process, with the help of her furry VFX Assistant, Maui. Don’t forget to check out Episode 3 of our Level-Up series, which sets the stage for this return to the underworld. 

The Step-By-Step

We’ve organized this video into the key stages you’ll need to get to grips with. They include: 

  • Intro 
  • Bat Mesh
  • Particle Data
  • Material
  • Animation Modules
  • Flight Path
  • Bobble Motion
  • Making A Smoke Flipbook
  • Building The Smoke Material
  • Smoke Particle Systems
  • Final Effect

Move backward and forward throughout the video at your convenience and don’t be afraid to revisit sections for a better understanding. Time stamps are linked in the video, to make it easier for you to navigate through the process. 

Your Questions Answered

As always, there should be no fear in asking for help and we leave our comments sections open to hear your queries, concerns, or general advice. Our community is there to help one another, so make sure to pass on your knowledge and lift up others as you embark on this co-op campaign. 

Don’t forget to share your creations with us on social media. You can always use this tutorial as a base to expand from, creating bats from the hell you’d like to see. So here’s your time to shine. Show us how this Diablo-inspired tutorial helped you to Level-Up.

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