VFX Reference Vault: Rainbows

Explore our VFX team's favorite reference material as we open our vault of inspiration for a peek into our stash.

VFX Reference Vault: Rainbows

Welcome back to the Beyond-FX Reference Vault

Our secret stash of VFX reference materials remains open and ready for sharing! Join us as we showcase some of our favorite materials for some of the most needed real-time VFX. Who knows, these might be just the thing your own real-time VFX reference vault needs.

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From Somewhere Over the Rainbow, to the Double Rainbow, to Mario Kart's Rainbow Road, one of nature's most beautiful phenomena has been an inspiration behind art, music, scenery, and even a hilarious viral video. We've compiled a colorful list of some of our favorite rainbow references for your visual delight.

15 Rare & Amazing Rainbows

Top 5 Unusual Rainbows

Double Rainbow after Severe Thunderstorm

Yosemite Bear Mountain Double Rainbow

180 Degree Rainbow

Slo-Mo Guys’ Rainbow Glitter

Slo-Mo Guys’ Rainbow Jelly Tennis

Comic Rainbow Bridge

Slo-Mo Guys’ Airbag Rainbow Explosion

Slo-Mo Guys’ Rainbow Fire Tornado

Thor on the Rainbow Bridge

Slo-Mo Guys’ Rainbow Paint on Drum

Slo-Mo Guys’ Rainbow Paint on Speaker

Festival of Colors - World's BIGGEST color party

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