VFX Reference Vault: Grass

Explore our VFX team's favorite reference material as we open our vault of inspiration for a peek into our stash.

VFX Reference Vault: Grass

Welcome back to the Beyond-FX Reference Vault

Our secret stash of VFX reference materials is open and ready for sharing! Join us as we showcase some of our favorite materials for some of the most needed real-time VFX. Who knows, these might be just the thing your own real-time VFX reference vault needs…


Grass can be an essential element for an environment as it can add depth and realism to the world. It’s versatility can can be used to create natural or fantastical landscapes, while creating a sense of scale, distance, color and detail. Here’s a list of some our grass inspirations in this week’s vault.

THE THIN RED LINE Clip - "In The Grass" (1998) WWII Movie

Planet Earth 07 Great Plains Part 14

Widow birds bounce for attention - Planet Earth II: Grasslands - BBC One

TUSCANY Val D'Orcia | Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino [4K scenic travel]

Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones | Anakin & Padme, On Naboo 4K

Eight minutes of great scything!

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