VFX Reference Vault: Candlelight

Explore our VFX team's favorite reference material as we open our vault of inspiration for a peek into our stash.

VFX Reference Vault: Candlelight

Welcome back to the Beyond-FX Reference Vault

Our secret stash of VFX reference materials is open and ready for sharing! Join us as we showcase some of our favorite materials for some of the most needed real-time VFX. Who knows, these might be just the thing your own real-time VFX reference vault needs…


Are you looking for a warm and cozy atmosphere, or creepy and shadowy mood? Because a candlelight effect can do both! The randomness of a flickering flame, an extinguishing of it or the dripping of melting wax can all enhance the behavior of your candlelight effect.  Here are some wick-ed references from our team!

[10 Hours] Burning Candle - Video Only [1080HD] SlowTV

2 Hours Burning Candles and relaxing music in 4K. Cinematic look in 24fps. No Loops

Candlelight: 100 Years of Warner Bros. - Time, Inception (2010)

Flickering Candles Burning - Autumn Sleep & Reading Ambience & Sound

TOP Candle Trick / Lighting with Smoke - Slow Motion World

Animated Candle Blow Out

Spiral Birthday Candles Time-Lapse

Melted Candle Timelapse

Candle blow out moonlight smoke

Watch as Lanterns Fill the Sky in Thailand | National Geographic

Candle Light Trick - Slow Motion

Birthday Sparkling Candles Slow-mo

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