VFX Quick Tip: Timing and Spacing Tricks for Textures

Here are some tips for leveling up the spacing and timing of your real-time effect textures!

VFX Quick Tip: Timing and Spacing Tricks for Textures

Check out these tricks for maximizing space and nailing the timing of the textures for your real-time VFX!

Timing and Spacing Tips for Real-Time Effect Textures

Super high contrast in spacing helps when you have a small amount of texture space to work with.

With a little more space, you can jam in a few more elements:

  • A mass at the beginning that's already partially dissolved
  • A long, boring mass that gives contrasts to the rest
  • One that forms a surprising spot in the middle.

Another tip: animating on 2's at 24fps helps stretch out the length of your effect and gives it a classic feel. Drop down to 1's for super fast motion such as bursts or impact.

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