VFX Awards 2023 | Choose Your Winners!

Vote for the winners of the 3rd annual VFX Awards, presented by Beyond-FX!

VFX Awards 2023 | Choose Your Winners!
What are the VFX Awards?

The VFX Awards are an annual celebration of the achievements within visual effects for video games and the real-time VFX community. As presented by Beyond-FX, the goal of the awards is to showcase and celebrate the exceptional work being done by VFX artists across the industry that is often overlooked by other awards shows and shine a light on our niche but talented community.

The Categories:

This year, we introduced a new category, Best VFX in an Indie Production, to highlight independent development teams doing fantastic work in real-time visual effects. The 7 categories for this year's VFX Awards are:

Best Overall Real-Time VFX
Best Environment VFX
Best Realistic VFX
Best Stylized VFX
Best Character or Combat VFX
Most Innovative VFX
Best VFX in an Indie Production

Below are the final nominees for each one of our 7 categories.

As a member of the community, we'd love to hear from you so be sure to vote and stay tuned for the announcement of the final winners on December 8, 2023!