VFX Reference Vault: Blood

Explore our VFX team's favorite reference material as we open our vault of inspiration for a peek into our stash.

VFX Reference Vault: Blood

Welcome back to the Beyond-FX Reference Vault

Our secret stash of VFX reference materials remains open and ready for sharing! Join us as we showcase some of our favorite materials for some of the most needed real-time VFX. Who knows, these might be just the thing your own real-time VFX reference vault needs.

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Whether it be humans, aliens, mutants, or monsters, blood effects are essential to a character's vulnerability, and consequence to damage or injury. It can conjure emotional reactions of sympathy, excitement, fear, and disgust through its splattering, oozing, dripping, squirting or staining. Here's a list of some of our favorite blood references, and in the immortalized words of Major "Dutch" Schaefer, "If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

SlowMo Fallout Kills (ft. TheSlowMoGuys)

Forged in Fire: The O-Katana Tests (Season 6) | History

The Science of Blood Spatter

Blood Splatter - Scream: The True Story

Forensics Expert Explains How to Analyze Bloodstain Patterns | WIRED


Carrie 1976 - Prom Scene HD

6 minutes of brutal movie gore (4)

The Shining-Elevator Scene

Raiders of the Lost Ark (9/10) Movie CLIP - Face Melting Power (1981) HD

Scanners (1981) Exploding Head Scene - Mind Blowing!

Deadly Friend (1986) - Basketball Head Explosion

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