Using Bookmarks in Perforce | Real-Time VFX Quick Tip

P4V Bookmarks enable quick navigation to frequently used files/folders, without manual searching.

Using Bookmarks in Perforce | Real-Time VFX Quick Tip

Perforce is an industry standard and incredibly powerful, but it’s also a bit outdated. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your life a little easier while using it: Instead of manually navigating through a file tree in Perforce, set up Bookmarks when using P4V for easier and quicker navigation to frequently used files or folders.

How to Use Bookmarks in Perforce

  1. When using P4V for Perforce, you don’t need to manually navigate through the file tree each time.
  2. P4V’s bookmarks feature allows you to set up quick access to frequently used files or folders.

P4V bookmarks support hotkeys, and can point to the directory paths in either the depot or workspace view.

What is Perforce?

Perforce is a version control that helps teams work together by managing changes to files, keeping track of revisions, and ensuring everyone is working on the version of a project. 

What is P4V?

P4V is the visual client for Perforce. It’s an easy way to access the server for many functions, instead of using the P4 command-line client. It provides a visual representation of the workspace and allows you to manage files, create branches, merge files among others.

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