How to Create 2-Dimensional Curl Noise

Constrain curl noise to a specific axis for a 2D swirl.

How to Create 2-Dimensional Curl Noise

If you want to create chaotic but natural looking motion in a more directional or controlled effect, here’s how to constrain curl noise to a 2D axis.

What is Curl Noise?

Curl Noise is procedural noise used to create fluid motion using swirling patterns. It can be used to create movement or animation that are constantly changing for effects like fire, smoke, water, or weather patterns.

  1. In Niagara, open the Curl Noise Module.
  2. Click Browse to find the Curl Noise Module in the Content Browser.
  3. Duplicate this module and rename it.
  4. Open the newly duplicated module and find the area named Sample baked curl noise fields.
  5. Click the + on the Map Get and add a vector named Axis Scale.
  6. Add a multiply node; multiply Axis Scale by the value of the Sample Field nose and plug the result into the Map Set.
  7. Select the Axis Scale under Module Inputs and set the default values to 1,1,1.
  8. Apply and Save and go back to Niagara.
  9. Turn off the existing Curl Noise Module and add your new module.
  10. Setting the axis to 0 on x,y, or z will remove the force from that axis.

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